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Blend of vacation and well being

Affordable medical and dental procedures in Thailand.


For less than the cost of a procedure back home you can enjoy the added comfort of resting and recuperating in Asias premier destinations.

International Medical Getaways helps clients to plan and schedule very safe and affordable medical treatments in Phuket or Bangkok. We are dedicated to helping you get the most suitable treatments and surgery, with the best results, a fast recovery and the highest standards of after-care you require and deserve while enjoying a fabulous medical holiday in Phuket or Bangkok. Some of the many treatments and surgery types available at any of our three select private hospitals include:

  • Cosmetic surgery: including, face lift, breast augmentation and breast lift, tummy tuck, Vaser liposelection & liposuction;
  • Skin Centre Treatments :The surgeons, as well as the hospitals "Skin Centre" doctors, offer non-surgical beauty & cosmetic treatments, such as fillers, muscle relaxant injections (Botox®), IPL, Laser tattoo removal, Microdermabrasion, and specialised skin treatments;
  • Dental Treatments: The hospitals Dental Centres have a range of dental services for adults and children, with cosmetic dental work, dental implants, root canal treatment, dental veneers, teeth whitening, fillings etc;
  • Eye surgery: eye lens replacement & eye testing and prescriptions are available in the specialized Eye Centre;
  • Elective surgery: All types of elective surgeries are available to international travellers plus Health & Wellness check-up programs, with heart & cancer screening, skin cancer treatments, extensive health checks or your annual health check-up.

World class medical service and care with Thai hospitality.

Our travel industry experts can now access vast and improved cosmetic surgery and medical treatments for our worldwide clients. The medical tourism in Thailand, is an exciting industry that is growing rapidly and is backed by the Thai and international governments. Thailand hospital’s are among the best hospitals in the world. Waiting lists of 12 months or more in the public health system of most western countries and prohibitive private medical costs for non-emergency surgery means that more people are looking elsewhere, and are making the informed choice to travel to Thailand for their medical procedures.

We choose to send our clients exclusively to the internationally accredited (through ISO9002, HA Thailand, and JCI USA) private hospital, Bangkok Hospital Phuket. The Bangkok Hospital Group (BDMS) is the largest health care provider chain in S.E. Asia. With this huge network it is able to share world class facilities including:

Bangkok Hospital Group (BDMS).   medical Resources in Thailand.
Medical Equipment   Human Rosources

This makes it more advanced than any stand-alone hospital. With these benefits Bangkok Hospital, Phuket is classed as a centralized hospital and is fully equipped as a tertiary care provider.

Join Commision International Accredition in USA We work closely with these Hospital experienced staff and plastic surgeons, as well as our interstate consultants and our Phuket office staff to make your journey absolutely successful in all areas of your treatment and pre and post operative care, ensuring amazing results and an overall positive and enjoyable experience.

’For less than the cost of a procedure back home you can enjoy the added comfort of resting and recuperating in Asias premier beach destination'

"We are proud to be your experienced and accredited agent for some of Thailands most prestigious and popular hospitals!"
Natasha Martin, V.P. Sales & Marketing.

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Medical Packages



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